Amazing Grace

Edited Hudgins-3483Late last night, I was able to hear the entire eulogy the President gave yesterday in Charleston…and I recommend watching every minute of it because it is so much greater than the sum of its clips. He spoke from the heart, with eloquence, compassion, and wisdom. He was brave enough to sing from the depths of his soul–I don’t know anyone else in politics willing to be that vulnerable. What happened to Rev. Pinckney and his Bible Study group was pure evil, from an unfathomable¬†malice of spirit…but how they were mourned (and the killer even forgiven by the loved ones of those slain)…and how perfectly their pastor was eulogized by the President of the United States…is a balm to the nation’s collective spirit and a deep comfort to me. “Amazing Grace” was written by a man who had been a slaver and became an abolitionist, a wretch by his own admission…and it has never been more powerfully sung than when that arena full of mourners joined the President in a moment of harmony I will never forget.


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